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Natural Birth Education      

You can have an amazing birth!

As a certified natural childbirth educator, doula and mother of two, I enjoy teaching this class to give the most up to date information and tools you need for an amazing birth. 

I believe in a woman's right to choose a safe, natural, and nurturing birth.  Using, The Birth Boot Camp curriculum we cover holistic health, obstetrical procedures and practices, midwifery based understanding, nutrition, relaxation techniques, and newborn care. This class will prepare you for a life changing birth experience.

Class is structured into ten 2 hour sessions

Teaching is geared toward couples.  However, any mama is welcome and encouraged, you may bring a birth partner or doula, if you have one.

Workbook and Free breastfeeding video included

Classes are $300 for 10 weeks

Next series begins on  March 24, 2014 in Solana Beach, Vitality Massage and Wellness at 6:30pm
Please call 760-310-8974 to sign up for classes

Birth services provided
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Breastfeeding support
Birth Resources
Pregnancy massage
Mama Herbs
    -nutritive support for pregnancy tea
    -sitz bath
    -breastfeeding tea