Wisdom Within
Resource your Innate Knowing

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    As humans we have the capacity for an innate knowing, a wisdom within.  This wisdom is connected to a network of support in the universe.  Access to resourcing your own unique knowing is a holistic and empowering process through which you gain authenticity of self, purpose and learn to give your gifts to the world.  We may use therapuetic massage, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, herbs, yoga, art, movement, intuitive counseling, and energy medicine to greater embody your unique expression of being.
    This work facilitates transformation through transitions, pregnancy and birth, career, divorce, chronic illness,grief/loss, and change.  Each session is client-centered and is designed especially for you .  After a session you will feel lighter, have more clarity, and a greater sense of your authentic purpose.
Located in Julian at Wisdom Within Holistic Health and
Vitality Massage and Wellness in Solana Beach.

Please call 760-310-8974 to schedule a session.